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  • GalaPro (GP) FAQ’s

    Check below for common GalaPro questions

    Q: How can I change the subtitle font size during the show?

    A: You can access the settings and adjust the font size anytime during the show

    Q: Will the theater let me keep my phone on? What if it rings during the show?

    A: All theaters partnering with us encourage using the app during the show for translation. If you follow the Do Not Disturb instructions you won't receive any phone calls

    Q: Will my battery last the whole show?

    A: Regular use of our app will use about 15% of your full battery. Make sure to close all other apps running for best battery performance

    Q: What languages can I choose from?

    A: Each show is translated to different languages, Please check the program on the app to see list of available shows

    Q: Can I see the program during the show?

    A: Yes. You can access the program anytime

    Q: Can I change the subtitles language during the show?

    A: Yes. You can change to any of the available languages for the show and it will synchronize with the stage

    Q: What happens if the app gets stuck? WIll I be able to watch the show?

    A: If there is any problem just exit and close the app. When you return it will pick up from where you left off.

    Q: What will the people next to me say when they see me using my cell phone

    A: GP is fully cooperating with the theaters to ensure complete satisfaction to customers and non-customer audience. GP uses unique technology to insure that there is no backlight or noise from the phones using the app

    Q: Can I change the brightness on my phone?

    A: Yes, You swipe up and down on your screen or adjust through the settings

    Q: How can a theater start working with GalaPro?

    A: Joining GalaPro is really easy. The theater management just needs to contact us and we set up everything remotely

    Q: How do audio services work on GalaPro?

    A: GalaPro offers Audio description and dubbing based on the services the production chooses to offer. If available in your show all just connect your headset

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